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Примечание автора

Just Beauty, designed by the talented Erik Studio, is a beautiful calligraphy font that exudes elegance and sophistication. Its fluid strokes and graceful curves make it perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other high-end stationery projects. The semi-bold font weight adds just the right amount of emphasis without overpowering the delicate script. Just Beauty also works well for branding projects in the beauty and fashion industries, as it embodies femininity and grace. With its timeless appeal and versatile application, Just Beauty is a must-have addition to any designer's toolkit.

Attention :

Just Beauty script font is prohibited to use this font for commercial purposes or for profit without the permission of the author/admin, without being known to use this font without permission, will be subject to sanctions 5x the specified price.

This font is used only for demos (Demo license)
If you want to use this font for commercial use please contact email: erikluluk0@gmail.com

or click the link below:

If you want to see more other fonts, please click:https://f2u.page.link/Jx7U
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Just Beauty
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Just Beauty
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Version 1.003;Fontself Maker 3.5.4
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Just Beauty
Предпочтительная подсемья

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MicrosoftТолько BMP юникод

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Количество глифов173
Единиц на Em1000
Права внедренияBнедрение для стационарной установки
Класс семействаРукописные
НасыщенностьСредний (нормалный)
ШиринаСредний (нормальный)
Mac стильЖирные
НаправлениеГлифы направленные слева направо + нейтральные